Pooram Pocket Journals (Set of 2)

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Maddhalam is a traditional percussion instrument of Kerala played on by rhythmically sounding the surface with the fingers. Sound is generated from both the sides of the instrument and each side sounds distinctly different from the other. The maddhalam is a vital to the traditional orchestra of Panchavadyam, Keli and Kathakali.

Komb’, the only wind instrument in the Panchavadya ensemble, means a ‘horn’ (of animals) owing to its resemblance to animal horns. Made of brass or copper, this musical instrument has a shrill sound which subdues the rest of instruments in the orchestra, elevating it to a grand position.


Product dimension 5.5×4 inches

80 blank pages  Natural shade 100gsm paper

Sturdy 320 gsm, textured digitally printed covers

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